When you're decorating a bedroom, it's important to think about how the colors and furniture will look together. But there are other factors that can make or break the room: like bed size. If you have a queen bed, it's important to get the best rug size for queen bed so that you have enough space for your feet as well as comfort when sitting up in bed. Here are some helpful guidelines for choosing rugs for bedrooms with queen beds:

Sizes of Queen Bed and rugs

Queen beds are usually 5x6.5 or 6x9 feet, so it can be hard to know what sizes of rugs to use for them. If you’re wondering what rug size for queen bed will be good, keep in mind that they’re usually 5x6.5 or 8x10 feet. This can make it difficult to know what sizes of rugs will work best with your new bed. Below are some examples of rug options that would look great under a queen-sized bed:

Area Rug Placement under Queen Bed

When you're putting a rug under a queen bed, you want the rug to be large enough that when you sit up in your bed you don't have cold feet. You also want it to be big enough for someone else to stretch out on the bed without having their feet touch the floor. If you have other people sleeping with you, this can make it difficult for them to get comfortable if the rug doesn't cover all of the areas.

It's important to remember that the bed itself is a focal point and should be left uncovered by the rug for aesthetic purposes. This means that the area rug placement under your bed should extend out at least 18-24 inches on all sides, more if possible.

More is better when it comes to size since it will give you something nice to look at while sitting in bed or lounging on the floor. If you're looking for an extra-large area rug, consider adding two smaller rugs rather than one large one. It'll create a fun and colorful pattern that can set off any bedroom décor scheme.

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Dimensions of different area rugs and how they look under a queen bed

The 4x6 and 5x7 rugs are far too small to be considered a good fit for your queen bed. A 6x9 rug is a good size, but you might prefer the look of an 8x10 area rug under your bed. To help you decide what size rug is best for you, here's an overview of how different square and rectangular area rugs look in relation to queen beds:

4x6 Rugs

The 4x6 is one of the smallest rugs available and works well under a queen bed. This large floor rug looks great on hardwood floors with no other furniture in sight. However, it doesn't provide much cushioning or warmth underfoot. But it’s best to keep it at least 18-24 inches from the edge of your mattress. A larger rug may take up too much space in a small room or make your bedroom seem too far away from the wall.

A 4x6 also makes a great throw rug in front of your bed on top of hardwood floors if you prefer not to use an area rug.

5x7 Rugs

The 5x7 rug is a beautiful, classic-size rug. The dimensions of this rug are 5 inches and 7 inches. This is a slightly larger size than some other rugs, but it still looks great under all beds. A 5x7 can be placed under a queen bed without taking up too much space and it also makes for a great-looking area rug to place under a full-sized mattress as well as king mattresses.

This medium-sized carpet will provide ample coverage across most areas where people spend time sitting or standing during their day. It's not quite big enough though when paired with larger pieces of furniture such as sectional sofas or dining tables. Especially if there are children involved who tend toward messy playtime activities like coloring books and crayons.